Back to Basic



22- 24 SEPT.2016





Design and Purpose of the Tool: This is a tool designed in the Workshop “Back to Basics” with the twin purpose of Monitoring   of Implementation of the standardised Material produced in the Workshop and Mastery learning of Basics for which it has been designed.

Principle of the Tool: The tool is based on the premise that the teacher as the  grass root level practitioner is the main actor,  assesses and reports on the achievement levels of the  students .

The tool is designed on statistical principle of random sampling.

 Format: It is a suite of four Tools, the purpose of which is to ensure a continuum of Monitoring. The four tools will form a booklet.


i.            INTERNAL

Stage 1:  Self -assessment and Monitoring by the Subject teacher

Stage 2: Monitoring By the VP/HM

Stage3: Monitoring by the Principal

ii.            EXTERNAL

Stage 4: Monitoring by the Regional Office (Deputy/Assistant Commissioner)

Frequency of Implementation and Monitoring:

1.      The implementation is Lesson wise  by the teacher

2.      Reporting by the teacher to the HM /VP  Chapter Unit/Lesson wise as and when the chapter is completed

3.      Monitoring   on a monthly basis by the HM/VP  and reporting to the Principal by the last week of the month

4.      Monitoring by the Principal once / twice in a term by the Principal.




Core Area of Implementation and Monitoring:

Student learning outcomes (ELOs) as listed in the NCERT Learning Indicators for all subjects for classes I-VIII. ELOs here mean the Knowledge (concepts) Skills (Competencies and Capabilities and Attitudes/Values (Cross Curricular/Integration, Practical Skills and Applications for every Lesson for all subjects for Classes I-VIII


It is envisaged to be in a continuum as per the basic design of this Tool.

i.            The Lesson wise reports for each month will be filed with the Lesson Plan in the Teacher’s Diary and Monitoring Tools by the HM/VP/PPL/ DC with the corresponding monthly reports.

ii.            The Progression is to be  charted  by the Teacher and  HM/VP only for outstanding teachers and teachers showing continued underperformance and reported monthly to the Principal

iii.            Principal is to prepare a holistic report for the teacher one every term for the targets achieved based on class room observation and the records

Sampling size:

          i.            The sampling size is 100% for the teacher ie.   The teacher will report Lesson wise  on the levels of student learning  for each of the classes they go to

        ii.            The sampling size for VP/HM is 20% ie    on classroom observation, they will ascertain the report of the teacher   for a class of 50 ,  by questioning at least 10 students  across the levels of achievement

      iii.            Similarly the  sample size for Principals is 10% ie    on classroom observation they will ascertain the report of the teacher   for a class of 50 ,  by questioning at least 5 students  across the levels of achievement

       iv.            Sampling Size for ROs is again anywhere between 5-10% encompassing all the levels of achievement.

Levels of Achievement:

For the sake of convenience, the levels of Student Achievement have been fixed in the Tool as below:






Marks Range


Quality Descriptors

Evaluatory Remarks




Shows proficiency in communication and higher order thinking Skills such as creativity, problem solving and integration of ideas and concepts across the curriculum. Can communicate effectively with explanation and illustration. Can apply learning  in unknown contexts





Shows Mastery in Concepts and Skills but lacks the HOTS and cross curricular integration .Can communicate adequately. Can apply in known contexts





Shows fairly good understanding and simple application of the ELOs. Possesses Basis communication skills.

Very Good




`Cannot recall and recognise facts, some Basic skills are evident. Cannot express  and explain





Requires  to build capacities in all aspects

Scope for improvement



 i.     By The Teacher: The teacher is to report chapter /Unit /lesson in terms of ELOs wise for each class that (s)he  is  assigned. The teacher   also report month wise an average for the whole class on the learning achievement for the subject taught. For eg- A teacher has to teach anywhere between 3-5 chapters. Each lesson may have varying complexity of ELOs, some may have very difficult ELOs and fairly simple. The levels of achievement will vary from lesson to lesson. Therefore a monthly average is required .A clear statement on the strategies used to register this achievement level is to be declared. Future target in terms of quantity (%), quality and strategies will be committed to.

ii.     By the VP /HM : VPs/HMs will verify the  teacher’s lesson plan in terms of ELOs, average learning achievement and   review of strategies and  set monthly targets for the teacher. A report will be submitted to principal.

iii.     Principal will prepare and maintain  a report with names of the  teachers  for scrutiny by the RO

iv.     ROs to prepare school wise Achievement profile class wise and subject wise

v.     The learning Progression for each child is to be prepared for reporting to the Parents in Parent – Teacher Meeting, at the end of the term, with evidences, showing the progress of the child through monitoring .





























Planning & preparation








Identify the ELOs for the Unit/ Lesson/ Chapter wise using the NCERT’s Learning Indicators. This has to be done in subject committee Meetings, and all parallel teachers are to have the same ELOs

List them in the Lesson/ wise Tool


Plan for customised teaching learning activity plan on the prototype of the standardised material produced in the workshop  at  subject committee level and individual level

Carry out a simple base line test. Find the status of learner achievement.



Use the sample standardised Material produced in the workshop or generate customised material along similar structure.

 Prepare a  Percentage report  and make a list of  role numbers of students and enter in the format of the Tool



Plan and integrate formative, interim and summative assessment of the ELOs suitably using a variety of teaching- learning and assessment strategies.

A suitable learner wise format or observation record can be maintained to monitor the learning progress of each child based on which the teacher can fill the assessment format at the end of the lesson.


This is left to the teacher to maintain it in the manner each thinks it suitable.


The tool is to be filled only after   the  assessment and monitoring has been done through  the assessment package given in the Materials and also teacher developed tools and techniques wherever necessary

Formative:-Lesson  wise reporting  as soon as it is completed


Summative comprehensive report at the end of every month one copy in the teacher’s diary format and one to the HM


Maintain a complete portfolio mode record of all learning and assessment activity and strategies used.


However the teacher is free to maintain their own manner of records.


Planning &









Briefing  teachers  about the tool and presenting a clear illustration with a sample to all the teachers for all classes and subjects

Class observation:

HM/VP  is to carry the teacher Classroom Observation cum Monitoring Tool and  carry out implementation in 2 phases:

   i.     Class Observation in the KVS format

  ii.     Assessment of student Learning Outcomes

This has to be continuous.

      iii.            Dates as per split up syllabus have to be set for completion and submission of Lesson wise report has to be set for each class and subject in the last working day subject committee meeting.

       iv.            Accordingly a schedule has to be prepared  for classroom observation and assessment of the monitoring report

 HM/VP  is to relate the roll nos. listed by the teacher under various levels and ask  questions  to  assess the teacher’s report on student learning and make specific notes with names of  students and signature in their class works for  corroborative assessment

HM/VP   to  write remarks with evidence  on the basis of class observation and assessment in the tool and offer suggestions,

for the next 30 days.

It is to be noted that students with special needs, first generation learners and challenged learners need to be given more time and interventions. These aspects of Monitoring are essential to preserve the nurturing learning environment of the class


 Record in the Teacher submitted format the observation notes, targets set


Prepare a teacher wise report  and performance profile



Month wise teacher wise  report for all the classes and subjects  assigned to each teacher

With an analytical report of the teacher’s performance and targets set for each


 Each teacher will have one performance monitoring  file maintained by the HM/VP


A summative report will be filed each month stating the assessment and set targets


Prepare the Annual Plan for using the Monitoring Tool with the help of VP/HM.

Present the Annual Plan on March.30th Meeting to all staff members

Classroom observation and recording as per guidelines given

Collate the assessment profile submitted by the VP/HM and  one’s own observation and assessment

Periodic review, once in two months based on the  observations and assessment reports with VP/ HM

Prepare a baseline(status report), interim and summative report for each term  for teachers with outstanding performance and those requiring capacity building

Send a report once a term to the Regional Office to the AC attached to the School.

Maintain a report in 3 phases:

Baseline ( entry)

Interim( FA1,3)



Review the Assessment profiles of the KVs

Classroom observation and recording as per guidelines given

Compare the assessment reports and their own observations and set targets

Insist on Action Taken Report form the KVs for the teachers concerned if any who  are  below performance

Counselling for teachers requiring capacity building and  suggestions for On job training or orientation

Observation notes on classroom observation to be given to the teacher concerned

In collaboration with KVs create a resource pool of Subject experts for mentoring, training, incentives etc.

A list of teachers requiring intensive capacity building and training is suggested



Considering the load of documentation on the KV teacher, the Lesson Plan format has been simplified to integrate the implementation and monitoring of Back to Basics Programme. The holistic performance of the teacher is to be monitored by the VP/HM during classroom Observation and the Lesson Plan format has been reformatted with the focus on the achievement of ELOs.

There are two parts:

Part A: Implementation

Part B: Monitoring

The lesson plan page for each lesson will be followed by the Monitoring Page


Lesson Plan cum Monitoring Tool

Class/Section……………………. Subject………………. Chapter……………………. No. of periods………………………………

Date of Commencement…………………… Expected date of completion…………………… Actual date of Completion…………

Expected learning outcomes

Teaching learning activity

Questions based on HOTS& MLL , correlation with other subject

Learning achievement of students

Learning achievement after remediation

Level 1 Roll No.

Level 2 Roll No.

Level 3 Roll No.

Level 1 Roll No.

Level 2 Roll No.

Level 3 Roll No.










Steps taken to upgrade students from

(a)Level 3 to level 2

(b) Level 2 to Level 1


A.      Self -Assessment by the Teacher Monthly Average Performance

Names of Lessons

Learning achievement of students

Learning achievement after remediation


Level 1 Roll No.

Level 2 Roll No.

Level 3 Roll No.

Level 1 Roll No.

Level 2 Roll No.

Level 3 Roll No.















Average Performance








Teacher Remarks: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________






Suggestions:(to be implemented within the next 30 days)



B.            MONITORING BY THE principal




Suggestions: (to be implemented within the next 30 days)




Concluding note:

        i.            The purpose of the tool is to lead towards  desirable maximum  achievement by continuous Monitoring

      ii.            Labelling of students as Level 1, Level 2, remedial do not exist now as, the students are expected to  progress from levels  to the next higher level

      iii.            Assessment needs to be progressive, so the efforts of the teacher is to be focused on rather than achieving at a magical achievement level, given the varying contexts of KV classrooms and the transiency which marks students moving in and out of KVs across various parts of the country, with a high degree of variables

     iv.            Continuous Monitoring is essential

       v.            Tool should be used in a user friendly, collaborative and capacity building mode with subject committee meeting , planning , peer observation, demos, review and capacity building measures to support the teacher in their work

     vi.             Care needs to be taken that Documentation should not precede practice, which is what is happening with the introduction any new approach or policy. Effort has been made to simplify the existing tools and  integrate all the formats and tools  for implementation and Monitoring into the existing format